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  • Making or taking business calls

    Making or taking business calls

    Whether you ́re making or taking calls in English the structure should be similar. Introduce yourself. Explain why you are calling/ explain how you can help the person calling. Confirm …
  • Giving presentations

    Giving presentations

    The basic structure of a presentation should include: An introduction of yourself or your group Brief description (overview) of what your presentation is about Main body of presentation Summary and …
  • Palabras con “ough” en inglés

    Palabras con “ough” en inglés

    Os dejamos un pequeño listado con palabras en inglés que contienen la combinación de letras “ough”. Esta combinación es muy común y aparece en muchas palabras. Veréis que tiene sus …
  • Writing emails

    Writing emails

    Basic structure of sending emails: To: The person you are addressing in your email. Cc: Anyone you would like to have a copy of the email (but it’s not addressed …
  • Preparing for a job interview: Part 2

    Preparing for a job interview: Part 2

    Here are some key phrases that you can use to talk about yourself and answer questions in a job interview. There are also some phrases for those times you may …
  • Preparing for a job interview: Part 1

    Preparing for a job interview: Part 1

    Job interviews can be stressful or nerve-wracking and feeling prepared usually helps to make you feel calmer. Being ready with some key phrases and having answers ready for typical questions …
  • Phrases to use in meetings

    Phrases to use in meetings

    Below are some typical phrases you can use to help you to participate in business meetings. These phrases will help you to show you are actively listening and to confidently …
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