Happiness and sadness idioms

Hi, thatscoolers! Like all languages, English has many ways to say that we’re happy or sad.
Check out this resource, we hope it makes you happy!

  • 01. Read the short conversations and put the bolt vocabulary in the correct category.

A – Did you pass your final exam?
B – Yes I did! I’m over the moon!

A – How is Jack?
B – Well, his girlfriend left him, so he’s a bit down in the dumps.

A – Are you OK, Marie?
B – Not really. The long dark nights and the cold weather make me feel blue sometimes.

A – I heard that Rory’s team won the basketball tournament yesterday.
B – Yes! Rory and the team are on cloud nine!

A – What did you do at the weekend?
B – Normally I have to work but this weekend I could just relax and play the Playstation. Honestly, I was as happy as Larry!

A – Are you alright, Ryan?
B – Honestly, no. Since the vet told me that my cat is sick, I’ve had a heavy heart.

 HAPPY: over the moon, on cloud nine, as happy as Larry
 SAD: feel blue, have a heavy heart, down in the dumps 
  • 02. Fill the table with three things that make you happy, and three that make you sad.

Things that make me happy
e.g. my dog

Things that make me sad
e.g. lots of homework
  • 03. Use the idioms to write sentences about the things that make you happy and sad.

E.g. Playing with my dog in the park always leaves me as happy as Larry.

Having lots of homework at the weekend makes me feel blue.







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