Making or taking business calls

Whether you ́re making or taking calls in English the structure should be similar.

01. Greeting

●  Hello, Ana speaking, how can I help you? (taking calls)

●  Good morning, (company name), Emma speaking. How may I help you? (taking calls)

●  Hi, my names Tom, I ́m calling from… (making calls)

●  Good morning it ́s Eddie from… (making calls)

02. Giving reasons for calling

●  I ́m calling about…

●  I need to discuss/ talk about…

●  Could you tell me…

●  I wanted to ask if…

●  I ́m calling for Sarah.

03. Asking for somebody and responses

● a) Can I speak to…
   b) I ́m afraid she ́s not available at the moment, can I take a message?

● a) Is ……. available?
   b) Sure, I ́ll put you through to him now.

● a) I need to speak with …please.
   b) I ́m sorry they ́re not available at the moment, can I get them to call you back?

04. Checking information

●  Can I ask who’s speaking?

●  Can you spell that for me?

●  Which company did you say you are calling from?

●  So just to check…

05. Making arrangements

●  Shall we say… (e.g. shall we say Thursday and 10am)

●  Let’s say…

●  Does … work for you?

●  How about…

06. Leaving a message

●  Can you please ask them to call me back as soon as possible?

●  Can I leave a message?

●  Can you give them a message please?

●  Can you tell them…

07. Confirming the action of the call

●  Is that everything?​ (taking calls)

●  Can I help you with anything else? ​(taking calls)

●  Okay so I ́m going to…

08. Saying goodbye

●  Thanks so much for your help. ​(making calls)

●  Thank you for calling. ​(taking calls)

●  Thanks very much.

●  Thank you for your time ​(making calls)

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