Preparing for a job interview: Part 1

Job interviews can be stressful or nerve-wracking and feeling prepared usually helps to make you feel calmer. Being ready with some key phrases and having answers ready for typical questions will help you to communicate your best qualities.

01. Questions that they might ask:

  • Name 3 of your best qualities. (This means what things are you good at or what parts of your personality will make you good at this job)
  • What are your strengths/ weaknesses? (Things you are good and bad at, this can be your personality or skills)
  • What experience do you have that will help you in this role?
  • Why do you think you are right for the job?
  • Why do you want to work for/ with us?
  • What can you bring to the role? (what will make you good at the job, or what things will you do that might be different. If appropriate you can suggest things that you would like to change)
  • What can you offer us that others can’t? (what makes you different, unique or special)

02. Personality traits/qualities:

  • Punctual (on time/ not late)
  • Personable (get along with other people easily)
  • Easy-going (a relaxed person and easy to get along with)
  • Hard-working (you work hard and are not lazy)
  • Team player (you work well in a team or with others)
  • Leadership skills (you are able to take charge and direct others)
  • Committed (you are loyal to a project or person and will not give up)
  • Trustworthy (they can rely on you)
  • Honest (you tell the truth and don´t lie)
  • Focused (you concentrate on you jpb and are not distracted)
  • Attention to detail (you work carefully and check the details of what you are doing)
  • Organised (you work in a logical way)
  • Proactive (actively look for the next thing to do and can complete tasks without supervision)

You can also describe yourself by saying things like ´I am hard-working´ or ´I am a hard-working person/ employee. You can emphasise certain qualities by using words like very or extremely e.g. I am a very organised person, I am extremely committed to my work.

It’s also often good to explain your chosen qualities, perhaps using an example to show this quality e.g. ‘I have excellent leadership skills. In my last job I lead a team of 10 people in several successful projects’.

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